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Career Expo Tips for Employers
  • Make sure all YOUR paperwork is prepared beforehand. Job seekers will be trying to get all of their documentation in order. Make sure the job fair organizers have created an accurate description of your company or group and that your booth’s location has been correctly listed. 

  • Make your booth look awesome. Big graphics and pictures of what your company is doing and fun, company-based giveaways, and demonstrations keep people’s attention and attract stronger applicants who may not otherwise have considered your company.

  • Personalize the experience. More than likely, not everyone who visits your booth will be hired on the same day as the career expo. Spend some face time with each visitor, even if you believe the person is someone you would never hire.

  • Remember courtesy counts.  Stand, rather than sit, at your booth. Shake hands with applicants even if you are afraid of germs and illness (hand sanitizer is usually a great option at big events.  Unless absolutely necessary, do not leave your booth unattended.

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